Friday, 9 April 2010

Choose Life Programme.

Suicide is one of the principal causes of death for young people in industrialized countries, including Scotland. An advertisement will be aired in prime time television highlighting the need for everyone to support individuals contemplating suicide. The ad mentions that help might be as close as your nearest cabbie or your hairdresser and goes on to propose that people from all walks of life can be trained in providing help to potentially suicidal people. The ad is part of the Scottish Government’s Choose Life Programme, which is a 10 year plan aimed at reducing suicides in Scotland by 20% by 2013.
Rev. Ian Galloway, Convener of the church and Society Council mentioned in his blog that suicide is everyon'es business and that the Choose Life programme with its emphasis on early intervention and provision of initial help by trained members of the public was to be commended. It should be noted however, he continued, that there are many potential reasons for young people to become suicidal and that the advice of trained professionals and counselling staff carries the weight of evidence-based research.

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