Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Assisted Suicide & the Value of Human Life

Margo MacDonald will be presenting to Parliament a Bill in draft form to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland. She has been a long campaigner for this issue and managed to secure the necessary support to prepare the Bill in draft form. Lord Advocate the Rt Hon Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini QC stated that legal guidelines on assisted suicide will not be prepared in Scotland despite of announcements on the law south of the border. "It is important to recognise the different legal landscape in Scotland, where involvement in a suicide might amount to homicide, as well as a different system of public prosecution". She said that any change in the law should “properly be a matter for the Parliament”. We are against a change in this law.

Palliative Care Bill

End of Life issues are on the agenda at the Scottish Parliament this month. Gil Paterson's proposed Palliative Care Bill has gathered enough support from MSPs to be taken forward. The draft Bill can be read here. The Scotsman published an interview with Mr. Paterson where he discusses his reasons for proposing the Bill. We are supportive of the principles of this Bill.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Care not Killing Alliance

Dr Peter Saunders, Director of Care Not Killing Alliance will be speaking on current moves to introduce assisted suicide and euthanasia into UK law,and how Care Not Killing is mobilizing support to oppose these moves. The venue is Renfield St Stephens Church Centre (Kirk Lounge)
260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP
Thursday, 5th November, 2009