Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Is there a bias in BBC coverage about right to die?

The BBC has been accused of pushing the ‘right-to-die’ agenda by giving hours of airtime and leading news bulletins to the opinions of campaigners and publishing the results of opinion polls in a selective way. The BBC website has presented the views of celebrity fantasy fiction writer Terry Pratchett (last night’s Dimbleby lecture) and Mrs Kay Gilderdale (last night’s Panorama programme produced by Jeremy Vine) without giving similar space to opposing opinions.

If you care strongly that other views on this crucial issue be heard, please complain to the BBC about the bias of the coverage, and about the way that the views of disabled people in particular have been marginalised in a debate which affects them so personally. The complaints form can be accessed here.

Alternatively phone them on 03700 100 222 or write to BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Glasgow G2 3WT


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